In water poor country such as South Africa the responsible use and storage of water is vital, not to mention the energy cost in replenishing leaking reservoirs.
Protecta developed an economic, cost effective and environmental friendly Damseal system which is ideally suited for:

Irrigation dams and reservoirs
Canals and water channels
Farm dams
Cattle drinking watering holes
Game farm watering holes
Mining applications
Evaporation ponds
Capping of mine dump and landfill sites

The Protecta Damseal is a specially formulated sealant designed to prevent seepage losses from earth dams, cement reservoirs and open channels. The Damseal is a mineral filled, rubberized emulsion used in conjunction with an approved geo – textile to provide optimum waterproofing performance. The rubberized emulsion impregnates the geo – textile and forms a waterproof lining of the dam or channel floors and walls preventing seepage and potential wall failure.