Epoxy floorings and coatings are so strong they will stand up to the most demanding industrial environments while protecting surfaces, factory machinery and personnel from wear, chemicals, UV light, moisture, accidents and more.
Epoxy is typically made up of two main components: 1) resin and 2) hardener. When they are mixed together, the chemical reaction forms a rigid plastic material that is strong and resistant to wear. It also bonds extremely well to most any surface.
Benefits of Epoxy Floorings and Coatings for Concrete
Hard wearing, durable solutions for both commercial and industrial floors, epoxy floorings and coatings are ideal for use in warehouses, manufacturing buildings, food and beverage plants, laboratories, industrial etc. An epoxy floor coating that protects concrete floors creates a high gloss, durable surface that solves most challenges of industrial environments, offering a variety of benefits:

Easy to clean, seamless and non-porous
Exceptionally durable and long-lasting
Chemically resistant
Improves safety in the workplace
Withstands impact from most high
Environmentally friendly
Quick, easy application
Affordable and cost efficient